In case of product damage during my rental period, how will Bragpacker determine the repair/replacement cost (Damages) levied on me?



Please do take care of the products your rent from us. However, in case of any damage, 0ur assessment of Damages payable by you shall be based on the following guidelines:

  1. For normal wear and tear of the Product as is reasonable to assume for the period of use by You, we shall not charge any Damages
  2. For any damage that is cosmetic and does not result in loss of function of the Product, we shall recover upto 10% of the extant market value of the Product or the Security Deposit, whichever is lower.
  3. For any damage that leads to a loss of function of the Product that is repairable, we shall recover the actual cost of repair.
  4. In the event of Product becoming damaged beyond repair, User shall pay between 60% to 80% of the replacement value of the same or similar product. Bragpacker shall solely determine, the replacement value of the Product based on extant market price of the Product as also the percentage of recovery it may seek from the User, from within the specified range, depending on the age and condition of the Product at the start of the Term of the rental.
  5. In the event of  a lost or unreturned item, Bragpacker shall charge  the cost of the full retail price of a comparable substitute of Product and late fees assessed prior to deeming the User in default, plus a penalty of 25% of the retail price of the Product

Please refer to our Terms of Use for further details.